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Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Sophia Rana started playing shows at the age of 13 when she formed her first rock band: On the Verge of Being. She wrote, composed, performed, and produced original music for the band until they eventually recorded and published their first album in 2015 titled Dallas (listen here). From driven rock anthems to acoustic ballads to minimalist piano tracks, this album pushed genre boundaries by refusing to conform to any. 


Sophia migrated to Chicago, IL in 2015 to pursue their dream of making music. This dream was realized when she wrote, composed, and recorded her first solo album CATHARSIS (listen here) that was released on all platforms in 2021. CATHARSIS drew on her progressive, world, alternative, folks, and jazz roots to deliver a cathartic release to any listener. After the release of CATHARSIS, she formed her solo combo and started performing by the stage name RANA.

Just a few of Sophia's influences include Masayoshi Takanaka, Neutral Milk Hotel, Panic! at the Disco, Shakey Graves, Amy Winehouse, and Orville Peck. 


  • Playing music professionally since 2011. 

  • A skilled vocalist who also plays guitar, keys, percussion, bass, trumpet, euphonium, tuba, accordion, cello, sitar, and ukulele.

  • Written & composed rock, blues, rap, folk, math rock, jazz, ambient, and soul. 

  • Produce using Ableton Live. 

  • Sophia's studio is currently based in Chicago, IL. 

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